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We were invited to KTR Motorsports in Ayer Saturday, March 22.- Great Cars! Good group! Pictures will be up on the past events page.

For those of you who aren't familiar with KTR, it was started many years ago by John Geils Jr. The name may ring a bell as this is the fellow you're more likely to know as Jay Geils - the guitarist of the J Geils Band. Jay always loved cars,needed a place to work on his cars and figured that the band would not last forever, so he started KTR as a restoration and maintenance shop. Over the years the business expanded, particularly in race prep and trackside service. In 1996 Geils sold the shop to Bob Gett, the current owner. KTR can be found at most major vintage races across the country. They've regularly work on many Lotus, including Elevens, Sevens, 23s, a Fifteeen, Elites and many open wheelers. Andrew Funk, who runs the shop, gave us a thorough run down on the cars.

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 "To talk of many things:
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  Of cylinders--and rings--
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  And whether Esprits have wings."

New England Lotus Lovers, Inc. (NELLI)

NELLI is a club devoted to the enjoyment of Lotus cars.  Ownership of a Lotus is not required, just an appreciation of the cars.  NELLI has members in CA, CT, MA, ME, NH, NV, and NY.

NELLI Membership is free; a subscription to the British Marque newspaper, as part of your membership costs $11 per year.

NELLI is affiliated with the national Lotus club: Lotus Ltd.

For more information about joining NELLI, send email to treasurer@nelli.org, or fill-out our online contact form.

NELLI Lotus Register

We've start a registered of Lotus cars owned by NELLI members for the web site.  If you'd like to have your car included, please send us: year, model, chassis number, color, modifications, history, URL (website), anything else you'd like to include, and if you'd like, a picture of the car to webmaster@nelli.org.

If you have a paper photo, contact us at webmaster@nelli.org, and we will give you an address to send the photo to.  Be sure to include your return address and we will send back your photo after it is scanned.  If you don't want the photo back, please say so.  A piece of cardboard in the envelope will help protect the photo in transit.

If you'd like to list the car, but remain private, we can omit your name.

You can view the register page here.

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