NELLI's annual START YOUR ENGINES event will be hosted at the Perdichizzi's, 239 Fox Hill Road, Burlington, MA 01803, Saturday May 17, Noon to 6pm. NELLI members, guests and Lotus Ltd. members are cordially invited - bring your Lotus(es) and/or pictures to share. We'll provide BBQ, sides, and sodas and, if you like, you can bring your favorite dessert and beverage. RSVP to 781-272-5942 or julietp@mit.edu

Lotus Owners of New York Track Day at Watkins Glen July 2 2014

Lotus Owners of New York is hosting a 7/2/14 track day at Watkins Glen, $275, reception at Corning Radisson, etc. … more information at http://www.lotusowners.com/Lotus_Ltd_Advanced_Driving_Watkins_Glen/Lotus....

Lotus Owners Gathering 34 Asheville, NC Sep 19-21 2014

LOG 34 will be hosted by Lotus Car Club of the Carolinas, September 19-21 2014 in Asheville, NC ... about 13 hours from Massachusetts along I-81S ... more information at http://log34.org/.

Lotus Owners Gathering 33 was Fabulous!

More information at www.log33.com ... here is a pulled together panorama ... LOG 34 will be hosted by Lotus Car Club of the Carolinas, September 19-21 2014 in Asheville NC ... more information at http://log34.org/.

LOG 33 Autocross Sunday

NELLI was represented by (left to right) Tim Marx, Mark & Karen Michalski and David Otten at the Sunday autocross ... David took second place in the Elise class with street tires at 37.328 seconds!

For more information about LOG 33 please go to www.log33.com.

Lotus May Just Be Saved After All

From Carbuzz.com (7/21/2013)
Lotus Rumors
The five-year, five-car plan that included a reborn Esprit is now officially dead. There’s no question that Lotus hasn’t exactly had the best few years in terms of its finances. After last year’s sacking of now former CEO Dany Bahar, which was followed by an ownership change, Lotus’s future wasn’t looking so bright. Fortunately, things have now been worked out, but there’s a catch: the reborn Lotus Esprit, as well as four other all-new cars, is not going to happen. In fact, the entire five-year plan developed under Bahar’s watch has officially been sacked by the sports car maker’s new owner, Malaysian-based DRB-Hicom.

What will continue to happen, however, are new and better variants of existing models with "improved technology, improved performance, improved quality as well as improved costing," according to DRB managing director Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil. We’ve already been seeing examples of this with the new Exige S and Exige S Roadster. Future variants of the Evora and Elise are also reportedly on the way. This is all possible thanks to a new three-year program to revitalize the brand with funding already having been secured. Sales of existing models have also gone up, which helped to convince DRB that Lotus was worth saving.

- See more at: http://carbuzz.com/news/2013/7/21/Lotus-May-Just-Be-Saved-After-All-7715...

BRITISH CAR DAY - JUNE 23, 2013 - Larz Anderson Auto Museum, Brookline MA

Proud owners Lois Maisel and Foster Cooperstein, members of NELLI, were surprised to find out their 1963 Lotus Seven America was selected as the Museum Choice Best in Show. In Foster's words: "didn't know there was one (Museum Choice) ... really cool!! It was in keeping with their current display that emphasizes unrestored cars." More than a dozen Lotuses were in attendance, represented by models Europa, Elan, Elise, Elite, Exige, and Seven. Lotus Motorsports, by their companion Aston Martin dealership, was an event sponsor and displayed an Evora.

Lotus 7 Museum Choice Best in Show 2013 (1963 Lotus America Lois Maisel & Foster Cooperstein 948 cc BMC A Series Metallic Green)

Lotus 7 Museum Choice Best in Show 2013 1963 Lotus 7 Maisel-Cooperstein

More information available at www.larzanderson.org.

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New England Lotus Lovers, Inc. (NELLI)

NELLI is a club devoted to the enjoyment of Lotus cars.  Ownership of a Lotus is not required, just an appreciation of the cars.  NELLI has members in CA, CT, MA, ME, NH, NV, and NY.

NELLI Membership is free; a subscription to the British Marque newspaper, as part of your membership costs $11 per year.

NELLI is affiliated with the national Lotus club: Lotus Ltd.

For more information about joining NELLI, send email to treasurer@nelli.org, or fill-out our online contact form.

NELLI Lotus Register

We've start a registered of Lotus cars owned by NELLI members for the web site.  If you'd like to have your car included, please send us: year, model, chassis number, color, modifications, history, URL (website), anything else you'd like to include, and if you'd like, a picture of the car to webmaster@nelli.org.

If you have a paper photo, contact us at webmaster@nelli.org, and we will give you an address to send the photo to.  Be sure to include your return address and we will send back your photo after it is scanned.  If you don't want the photo back, please say so.  A piece of cardboard in the envelope will help protect the photo in transit.

If you'd like to list the car, but remain private, we can omit your name.

You can view the register page here.

Or fill out a form to contact NELLI